Creamy Zucchini Soup with Feta and Smoked Salmon

Would you like something creamy, healthy, delicious, easy to make and ideal for variations? Then this zucchini soup is for you. We love making it in advance for lazy weekend days, when we crave some hearty lunch but would prefer not to spend too much time in the kitchen. Just warm the soup, and if in the mood, add a few extras on top such as salmon or feta, fresh herbs, nuts and cream cheese or roasted brussels sprouts (HERE) – or even all of them. Serve some low-carb baked goodies such as the seedy crispbread on the side. It’s also great when having friends over or a casual night – you’d like to serve something but don’t want to create a fuzz? Place all your topping options on small dishes around the dinner table and have everyone serve themselves. It’s one of the recipes that can be cooked in large amounts without compromising on the taste – as long as your cooking pot is large enough.


As for making the soup, I quickly fry the onions in oil before adding zucchini and water – but if you prefer a version without oil, you can as well place both onions and zucchinis into the water and then start heating it up. Either way, it’s tasty and quickly cooked. Remember to adjust the salt towards the end, as seasoning soups greatly enriches the flavour – but as you don’t want to oversalt, add pinches of salt bit by bit and taste the soup every time. The salt needs time to dissolve so stir, wait a moment and then try. This may appear cumbersome, but it’s actually not – and you can feel how the soup approaches its perfect taste.

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