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Hi, I’m Christiane

Welcome to low carb lounge, my new blog for delicious and healthy lowcarb cooking. My recipes are inspired by my favourite cuisines from Asia and Europe, as we’re a European family from Germany currently living in Beijing. And we love travelling and and tasting local food on the road. Bon Appetit!

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January 23, 2020

a bowl of chinese beef kelp noodle soup with egg

chinese beef noodle soup – low carb style

One of the great things about Northern China are its noodle soups. Freshly-made loooong noodles immersed in a rich, tangy, sometimes spicy broth, topped with leafy greens, soybean sprouts, hard-boiled…


January 10, 2020

keto crispbread with seeds

How to make low carb crispbread

One tricky thing under lowcarb is bread. Right? To many, particularly in my native Germany and Northern Europe, bread is THE staple and comfort food – mostly in darker shades…


December 27, 2019

chicken rolls with spinach and cream cheese

baked chicken spinach rolls

Now that the main holidays are over and we’re “in between years”, as we Germans call the time between Christmas and New Year’s, many of us still have a few…


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