Christiane in Beijing

Hey, I’m Christiane

Welcome to low carb Lounge, my new blog for delicious and healthy low carb cooking. In this space, I’m sharing recipes that I make and eat in my everyday life. I love searching for ways to low-carbify my favourite dishes from around the world – my native Germany as much as the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas, as well as the various countries of Asia, where we currently live. This isn’t all that hard. Many cuisines are low carb at their heart, and all you need to do is think about how to replace bread, rice or pasta. And luckily, there are plenty of options!

Why low carb?

The reason I’ve got into low carb is that I was diagnosed with a high blood sugar level a while ago. At the same time, I had suffered from constant fatigue for a number of years. At about the same time, my husband Martin and I were introduced to the ultra low carb, high-fat ketogenic diet as a means to lose weight. We both gave it a try and were stunned by the results that included instant weight loss and higher energy levels without going hungry!

I started reading about keto and low carb, and learned how different people with their individual metabolisms require different diets. My body obviously had begged me for a reduction in grains, starches and sugar. My blood sugar level has since returned to normal. Even though I quit keto and now eat a more flexible low carb diet, my weight has remained stable and I have way more energy than I used to have when eating my traditional high carb fare. So no reason to miss pasta for me! The whole low carb thing has actually inspired me to explore new foods, spices and herbs in the kitchen – which finally triggered the idea to start this blog.

Limes, Calamansi and Lemons

What I do outside the kitchen

Professionally, I am a freelance writer, covering all sorts of topics in China and Asia for German media and corporate clients. Being able to write about food now too, is a great joy for me! Privately, I love traveling and photography, spending time outdoors with my family in all weathers – and enjoying a hot drink when going back inside.

Even though my boys, being kids and teenagers, do not always crave to eat my low carb creations, Martin and they are a great support to me in this endeavour. One of my sons, Mats, has actually designed the logo after he learned this skill in a high school project. Love it!

I’m very happy to have you here and hope you’ll like the recipes I will be posting here. Soon I will also enable comments and Email. Meanwhile, stay healthy and enjoy cooking!